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Fairfield Migrant Resource Centre - press articles 2013-14

Cultural Ties Fairfield Advance 28 May14


Fairfield Migrant Resource Centre - media releases 2013-14

Fairfield Refugee Week Media Release 12 June 14

Housing and Second Airport Forum MR 19 March 14

Review of Disclosure MR14 February 14

Poverty Week MR 2013

Global Choir on Youtube
The Global Choir is funded by the Department of Social Services under the Diversity and Social Cohesion Program, and the Fairfield Migrant Resource Centre (a division of Cabramatta Community Centre) to build and increase the level of social connectedness and sense of belonging within a cross-cultural and enjoyable environment. It has provided a platform for individuals from a range of diverse of nationalities to showcase their creativity through song writing, singing in a group, transcending language, cultural and religious barriers.

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