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Thinking about volunteering?

If you are thinking about volunteering then you've come to the right place.

Volunteering is an activity which takes lots of different forms: formal or informal, individual or in groups, inside or outdoors, locally or overseas.  Volunteering is an activity which can suit every lifestyle, ability, interest and skill, while also having lots of fun in the process! The activity of volunteering, or helping a community group of your own free will, can be described by a variety of terms: community service, activism, good samaritan, pro bono work, civic engagement - the list goes on. 

Whatever term is used, all volunteering is undertaken:

  • to benefit the community and the volunteer
  • of the volunteer's own free will
  • for no financial payment
  • in designated volunteer positions only

VolunteersWhy volunteer?

Some reasons people volunteer include to:

  • learn new skills
  • share life experiences and skills
  • contribute to society by helping people who may be disadvantaged
  • meet new people
  • make new friends
  • give back to the community
  • make a difference
  • gain experience and contacts to help find paid employment
  • build self confidence
  • have fun
  • socialise
  • stay active and engaged with the community
  • do something they've always wanted to do

Principles of volunteering

Volunteers do not replace paid workers nor constitute a threat to the job security of paid workers.


  • benefits the community and the volunteer
  • work is unpaid
  • is always a matter of choice
  • is not compulsorily undertaken to receive pensions or government allowances
  • is a legitimate way in which citizens can participate in the activities of their community
  • is a vehicle for individuals or groups to address human, environmental and social needs
  • respects the rights, dignity and culture of others
  • promotes human rights and equality

Volunteer Opportunities and Availability

You can volunteer for any of our projects and activities; we’d love to have you! For more information please contact the community centre you are interested in helping out at.

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